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It doesn’t matter if you have finished the race or if you are still running

Gradlinc will match you with opportunities that will build and launch your career. Now is the time to apply your newly acquired skills, embrace your unique attributes in order to find you THAT ideal opportunity to kick-start your career.

You finished the race. You’ve got what it takes. Let Gradlinc help you launch your career. And if you are still building, join our Gradlinc Employability Award to start building your CV today!

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What we do

Full-time jobs

Full-Time Jobs

Not only do we help you secure a Full-Time job, but we also walk with you from filtering jobs that match your skills, training for the interview, and industry-specific career guidance as you get into the working world.

Part-Time Jobs

Part-Time Jobs

You want to gain some experience? Maybe you want to get some extra income. We help you secure a Part-Time job whist you are still studying.



Gradlinc helps you secure Internships so that you can get the experience to go for that Full-Time opportunity that you have always dreamt of.



We are not a recruitment platform, but a Career Development Platform. We understand how difficult it can be to secure funding. Gradlinc helps connect students to funding opportunities.

Holiday Work

Holiday Work

You do not want to be a couch potato this coming holiday? Maybe you want to make extra income for your upcoming vacation, or it might be for experience. Gradlinc helps you in securing Holiday Work.

Get Headhunted

Holiday Work

Get recruiters and employers contacting you on Gradlinc if you are a good match for their company without any application. Simple as that!
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Why Gradlinc?

Does it cost me anything?

No, the platform will always be free to candidates

Absolutely. This is what we are here for. To connect you with the job that is waiting just for you.

What matters is what you make of the opportunities you get in life. As long as you are willing to put in the time and effort, you will reap the benefits. Just keep running and believe in yourself – you’ve got this!

How does it work

Getting started with Gradlinc is quick,
easy and effortless.

Create your CV or Upload
your own

Gradlinc can generate an auto populated CV for you. If you already have a CV, just upload and apply.

Get MATCHED with a
relevant job

Gradlinc uses an algorithm to match your skills with the relevant job requirements specified by employers. Think about a tinder for jobs!

Apply in one click

Apply for opportunities in the click of a button. Sign up for a FREE account today.

have you heard about the

Gradlinc Employability Award?

What is it?

The Gradlinc Employability Award is a point-based system to help you build your CV. It is a way to formalise all your extra-curricular activities by earning points and  getting a badge that will show on your CV.

It is for any student from their first year to final year and also postgrads. The earlier you start the better because you can build your CV over time.

It is tough to start your career if you are one of hundreds or thousands other applicants gunning for the same job. You need to make sure you stand out amongst the crowd and by having more than just s qualification on your CV, you are off to a much better start and higher chances of success.

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What do I need for that first job?

And while our priority is to match you to the right employer, we’re your water station too – the place where you can take a break and read about things relevant to the journey you’re on. So, take 5 minutes, grab a drink, sit back, and get ready to take on the job that you deserve.


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Gradlinc is the only South African graduate employment platform that enables university graduates to connect to existing opportunities by bringing employers and graduates together on one national platform.

Signing-up is free and fast. Once you’re signed-in, we’ll help you with the rest. Gradlinc is an easy way to find a relevant job tailored to your field of expertise, a job near you and launching your career. Let’s get you started!