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A toolkit for Career Offices in South Africa to assist graduates with career readiness and employability skills


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An all-in-one toolkit for Career Offices

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Are your students career ready when they graduate?

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When we talk about career readiness, we refer to the following:

  • Do they have ready made CV’s?
  • Do they know how to write Cover Letters?
  • Do they have a (completed) LinkedIn profile?
  • Are they prepared for interviews?
  • Do they know how to conduct themselves during interviews?
  • Do they know how to answer interview questions to ensure they leave a lasting impression?
  • Do they know where to find an employment opportunity?


Perhaps you are thinking of one or two aspects that will really help you graduates stand out more? 


What is Gradlinc for Career Offices?

A Year-round event fair

Redirect your students to our portal to find employment opportunities (part-time and full-time). Graduates can also access private bursaries and internships offered by employers on our portal.

A Resource Hub

Expand your own offerings with our resource hub and tap into our value-addingmodules to enhance the service offering your office provides to students.

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Become a partner university and get full access to our full Career Office toolkit including interview preparation tools, entrepreneurship modules and statistical reports on graduate tracking for your institution

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Refer students to our career development portal and/or tap into our additional offerings and tools to make your own job easier and allow you the time to focus on creating value-added activities for graduates.

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