Frequently Asked Questions

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    General Questions

    Gradlinc matches you with job opportunities based on information that you provided and specifications that employers have for employment opportunities. Not only on academic performance because we believe in inclusivity of all candidates and affording everyone a fair chance of finding their ideal job.

    You know, nothing in life is guaranteed. But at Gradlinc we will give you the best opportunities possible to secure your #firstjob
    How does part-time jobs, internships, bursaries, how-to videos and expert blog content sound to you? Whatever you need to kick-start your career, we’ll be here with tools and information to make it a success.

    Yes, this module will be released soon. We will offer private bursaries from employers as well as internships which is a different form of part-time work and a good preparation for your first full-time job.

    How does sign up work?

    Any graduate that is registered at a South African University can sign up. Your student status will be verified after which you can apply for jobs.

    Both. If you have your own beautifully created CV you are welcome to apply with it. There will be some information required from you in order to match you better with employers. 

    If you don’t have a CV, you can work through our very easy and user-friendly CV creation process and be ready to apply to jobs in no time!

    Headhunting is where employers use certain filters to search for candidates directly on our platform. You have the option to set you profile as active if you want to be found by employers. They can then contact you directly on the platform to invite you to apply and interview. The choice is always yours whether you want to be found and whether you want to apply.

    Gradlinc does not share any personal information without the consent of the candidates. You personally must give your approval for any information to be shared with employers, recruiters, and other third parties. It all lies in your own hands, you set the parameters on the platform and what data you are willing to share with employers. A CV is a basic requirement for an employer to view in order to consider you for a job, but only once you apply do you give the employer consent to view your CV. If you are not looking for work, you can set your status accordingly and you won’t get job notifications and employers won’t be able to headhunt you.

    Prepare for Interviews

    Yes! Gradlinc wants you to be in touch with all opportunities that match your skill. We will notify you of any possible matches. PS: Unlike on Tinder, we will review the opportunity for you. Thank us later!

    Absolutely! Our goal is to walk with you throughout your career. Using advanced Artificial Intelligence (AI), you can have practice interviews in the industry of your interest and real-time feedback, at your convenience.

    As the old saying goes, Practice makes perfect. Research shows that the more you practice a skill, the better you become at executing it. Our interactive video practices and feedback will help you gain that confidence you need to ace the interview.

    There will be more opportunities that match your skills. Gradlinc aims to connect as many candidates as possible to employment opportunities, hence we continuously strive to get more employers on our platform and more opportunities every single day. The goal is to never give up but keep on trying.

    What else can I expect?

    We are doing our absolute best to ensure there are many opportunities available so that you can find a job as soon as you are looking for one. There are a couple of things you can do as well to ensure you find the right opportunity:

    1. Create a Gradlinc CV or upload your own
    2. Update your CV regularly
    3. Make sure your profile status is set to ‘active’
    4. Use the filters on the platform to find jobs you are interested in
    5. Jobs change daily so ensure you checkin regularly
    6. Upskill yourself or broaden your skillset as this will set you apart from other candidates, and add it to your CV

    The best way to engage with employers on our platform is through applying for the jobs that match your skill. Our algorithm makes it easier for you to be connected to employers and be shortlisted. Our best advice is for you to constantly apply for opportunities available and to always make sure that your CV is up to date.

    To make it easier for information verification, it is advantageous for your institution’s Career Office to be signed up on Gradlinc. It saves you on the costs and on the admin of manually giving us your information. We all don’t like admin; do we?

    Yes, of course! Think about a first date that went well. We will always be keen to go for another one with you.